Poll finds make your wristbandsmore recognition of nation"s role in world

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More people are recognizing China"s global role and expecting that the country will contribute more to world governance, according to a survey report released on Friday.

The poll, conducted from May to July 2018, asked 10,500 people from 21 countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Africa to share their image of China.

About half of them agreed that China is a contributor to global development, up 9 percentage points from the previous poll, which was conducted in 2017. Respondents who shared this view took up a larger proportion, in both developed and developing country groups, than in the previous poll.

The survey, conducted by the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies under the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and consultancy firm Kantar, also found that 65 percent agreed that China"s international status and global influence will continue to grow.

Many interviewees shared confidence in China"s growth, with 41 percent saying China"s economy is growing at a rapid pace and 24 percent agreeing that the economy has entered a period of medium to high-speed growth.

The report said 66 percent gave a positive assessment of China"s technological innovation capacity, with high-speed rail, supercomputers and manned space technology being China"s best known technological achievements.

Regarding China"s roles in global governance, the report said expectations for China in science and technology, economy, culture, politics, security and the environment were higher than in the previous poll.

Of about 9,600 interviewees who said they knew about their countries" relations with China, more than 70 percent agreed that the relations are very important.

About 1,300 people shared their views on China"s proposal of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and some 60 percent considered it positive for individuals, countries and global governance, the report said.

The report is the sixth of its kind the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies has released since 2012.

Gao Anming, deputy head of the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, said polls and research are an important means to comprehend the impression the international community has of China. They are necessary for efforts to enhance the construction of China"s image, he said.

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